Fire Suppression System

VNT introduced Stat-X Aerosol Technology, developed by Fireaway Inc., in India in 2011. Stat-X is an effective alternative to traditional fire hazard protection and works on different classes of fire – providing businesses with the safety and continuity they need.

What makes Stat-X reliable?
It is the shelf life of Stat-X of 10 years, making it the most dependable choice for fire suppression.

Traditional hazard fire protection systems require costly installation, frequent maintenance, space for piping, fixtures to handle the weight, and many more adaptations.

Stat-X aerosol technology delivers up to 35% savings for safety conditions requiring sufficient and economic special hazard fire protection. Stat-X is a relatively maintenance-free, cost-effective, and non-toxic technology.

Why Choose Stat-X?

  • Ability to suppress heat
  • Non-Toxic
  • No distribution piping, manifold or nozzles
  • No venting or ceiling tile clips for discharge forces
  • Naturally buoyant (Behaves similar to a gaseous fire suppression system)
  • Leaves no residue

Our Stat-X Variants:

1. Stat-X First Responder (Manual Unit)

Stat-X first responder is a lightweight ( ̴500g) and compact fire extinguishing system. Stat-X First Responder is engineered specifically to provide significant knockdown and rapid suppression capabilities in enclosed spaces.

Our Stat-X First Responder comes with:

-Pull-Pin & Toss mechanism, with a delay timer of 4s
-Shelf-life of over 10 years
-Ability to eliminate contributing factors of flashovers

2. Stat-X (Electrical Unit)

This Stat-X aerosol variant has a rugged body that is resistive to corrosion and actuates electrically. Available in multiple sizes ranging from 30g to 2500g, this electrical variant fire protection system is suitable for many hazards that cause flames.

Our Stat-X (Electrical unit) comes with:

  • Minimal post-fire downtime (due to replacing discharged generator & rewiring)
  • Ceiling mount option (Doesn’t occupy any floor space)
  • Easy configuration for changes in the area of coverage
  • Shelf life over 10 years
  • Compact design- up to a 90% reduction in space and weight.

3.Stat-X (Thermal Unit)

Stat-X Thermal unit actuates in 3 settings, 158°F/70°C, 203°F/95°C, and 254°F/123°C. Our Stat-X Thermal units are designed with utmost care to suit a wide range of enclosure applications. They can be operated manually through a cable pull station as well. 

The product is cost-effective as it eliminates detection and control features. Customers can now easily access this variant as it is now available in various sizes ranging from 30g to 500g.

Our Stat-X (Electrical unit) comes with:

  • Minimal Post-fire downtime (due to replacing discharged generator in existing bracket)
  • Easy configuration for changes in the area of coverage
  • Shelf life over 10 years
  • The capability of protecting the source rather than flooding the entire volume.


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