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Why choose VNT?

With a vision to secure infrastructures & critical assets, our comprehensive fire solutions identify unanticipated vulnerabilities. We help your business minimize fire threats, allowing your operations to flourish with minimal disruption.

  • Customized offerings for rapid suppression capabilities in enclosed spaces
  • Compact Design up to 90% reduced space & weight for easy customization
  • Backed by a Safety shelf life of more than 10 years for unrivalled reliability

Our Products

Stat-X Fire Suppression Systems

• State-of-the-art Compact Design
• Technically Advanced Heat Suppression
• Non-Toxic & Naturally Buoyant
• Assured shelf-life of 10+ years

Fire Detection System

• Advanced & Addressable Early Detection
• Fully Integrated Fire Alarm
• Suited for all Ancillary Applications
• Cost-Effective Alternative

SEM-SAFE® High-Pressure

• Stand-alone Installation Unit
• Expeditious water-mist application
• Highly effective & Affordable
• Reduced Downtime

Our Experts

The leadership at VNT is the bedrock that holds the power to disruptively transform business ambitions into holistic potential and processes.

Naveen Rathee

Telecom Solutions Lead
(Telecom Vertical)

Nitesh Madan

Telecom Solutions Lead
(Telecom Vertical)

Ajay Kumar

Fire Safety &
Industrial Solutions Lead
Vrinda Nano Technologies Gurgaon Haryana

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Vrinda Nano Technologies Est. 2003

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At Vrinda Nano Technologies, our holistic approach is to address critical priorities, innovate extensive strategies, and engineer them for a greater purpose.