Array Junction Box

Array Junction Box

Did you know that the solar panels installed at your place are susceptible to power surges and voltage spikes?

An Array Junction Box (AJB) ensures electrical and electronic equipment protection from power surges and voltage spikes. The Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) installed in the Array Junction Box diverts the excess voltage into the ground through earthing lines.

VNT offers robust Array Junction boxes that allow several photovoltaic strings (ranging from 8 to 24) to be connected parallelly. The several PV strings then provide one combined total DC power which is distributed to the photovoltaic inverter. 

While perfectly configuring our Array Junction Boxes (AJBs), we have equipped a PV protection feature and a DC output switch for emergency disconnection within the AJBs.

VNT’s Array Junction boxes are well suited for utility-scale projects and all rooftop installations.

  • Robust housing made of ABS, Polycarbonate, or CRCA.
  • IP 66, 67 rated Enclosure protection.
  • Comes with a Fuse and an indicator up to 15A, 1000 VDC rating
  • Safe & secure: Incorporated with surge protection device (DEHN YPV SCI 1000) with integrated DC fuse.
  • Reliable: Every assembly component is Tested, Verified, and Certified as per National & International Standards. VNT’s Array Junction Box is CE certified.
  • Multi-Variants: Available in different ranges 8, 12, 16, 24 strings or as per customer’s requirements.

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