LT Metering Panel

VNT’s LT Metering Panel is a reliable choice for power distribution in PV systems in
compliance with relevant safety standards and designed per IEC & IS standards.

As the world switches rapidly to renewable energy resources, it’s on us to provide solutions that cost-effectively contribute to that goal. To cope with the demand for solar solutions, VNT provides customizable and ergonomically designed LT Panels.

Our panels are ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, equipped with Surge Protection Devices (AC), disconnectors, and MCBs for distribution. Our compactly designed panels help in saving space and making installation easier.

With VNT’s LT Metering Panel, you decide on the most acceptable solar solution that is always by your side.

Key Features

  • Compact double door arrangement with sealing provision
  • Easy mounting as we provide different mounting options such as Single pole/ Four poles/ Wall mounting
  • Designed as per IS/IEC standards
  • Equipped with Shunt Based String Monitoring Device up to 25 A current rating for each channel.
  • LT metering panels are equipped with transparent glass for effortless monitoring, sealing provision, and space to fit an energy meter
  • Equipped with Shunt based string monitoring Device up to 25 A current rating for each channel
  • The LT metering panel abides by safety standards (IEC62262 & IEC 60529)

End to end Solar Solutions: Designed to stand the test of time

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