String Combiner Box with Monitoring (SCB-SCM)

String combiner boxes collate multiple strings of solar PV modules in order to give a single main output to inverters. The combiner box house many components such as Fuses, Disconnector Switch, Surge Protection Device, cables & busbars.|

Further, String monitoring boxes (SMBs) is an advanced version of SCB’s wherein the PCB/Monitoring board is integrated into the SCB, thereby fulfilling two purposes:

1. Collation of multiple strings of solar PV modules & give a single main output to inverters.
2. Monitoring various parameters such as electrical parameters of input strings, temperature, fuse status, SPD status, Disconnector switch status and so on.

VNT offers a wide range of SMB/SCB/AJB/DCDB to cater for the needs of residential, commercial and utility-scale projects, i.e. from 600 V DC to 1500 V DC designs. VNT Combiner Box is available in various customizable configurations, designed & built with top quality components & workmanship at our ISO 9001 factory (In process) and comply with IEC & UL standards.

Strict engineering design rules & our world-class manufacturing facility helps in building a high-quality product with an unmatched level of reliability at a competitive price, thereby ensuring a long product life in challenging environmental conditions.

Further, VNT backs its product with commissioning, maintenance and service support in order to achieve maximum yield from a solar plant across its lifecycle.


Modular. Safe. Smart. Reliable.

  • Fully Customizable up to 32 PV string inputs
  • Available from 600 to 1500 VDC
  • Available in FRP encl. and Polycarbonate encl.
  • Built-in Touch sale fuse and fuseholders
  • Integrated Surge protection devices
  • Built-in DC isolator
  • Individual string level monitoring
  • Wireless/OFC/RS485 Modbus/ communication
  • Measurement accuracy: ±0.5%
  • In compliance with IEC 61439-1&-2 standards
  • TUV type tested product
  • 100% factory tested in compliance with ISO 9001:2015
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With his proficient knowledge of industry standards and strong leadership skills, he effectively liaises with all levels of staff and external customers.

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