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VNT Telecom Brochure

VNT Telecom Brochure

Why choose VNT?

We bring decades of expertise to your business through our custom telecom solutions. From highly operational switching power supplies to wide operating rectifiers, our integrated approach delivers a robust, reliable, and uninterruptible network.

  • Maintaining the compact and scalable design for future expansion demands
  • Integrated with remote monitoring options providing a high level of security
  • Staying on track with technological development and IoT advancements

Our Products

Super High Efficiency SMPS

● Enhanced Flexibility (Including AC-AC & AC-DC power systems)
● Unparalleled Reliability
● Customized and Comprehensive Support
● Remarkable Savings

Small Cell Solution

● Ultra-Flexible (Including AC-AC & AC-DC power systems)
● Highly Intelligent Controller Module
● Advanced Compatibility
● Cost-Effective

High-Efficiency Rectifiers

● Steady Functionality for Flexible
● Excellent Susceptibility
● Wide Temperature Range
● Cost-Effective and Customizable

Our Experts

The leadership at VNT is the bedrock that holds the power to disruptively transform business ambitions into holistic potential and processes.

Naveen Rathee

Telecom Solutions Lead
(Telecom Vertical)

Nitesh Madan

Telecom Solutions Lead
(Telecom Vertical)

Ajay Kumar

Fire Safety &
Industrial Solutions Lead
Vrinda Nano Technologies Gurgaon Haryana

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Vrinda Nano Technologies Est. 2003

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At Vrinda Nano Technologies, our holistic approach is to address critical priorities, innovate extensive strategies, and engineer them for a greater purpose.