DG Cranking Unit

DG Cracking Unit

A DG cranking unit ensures that sufficient fuel gets pumped to the cylinders to keep the engine running. This precisely engineered product is integrated with supercapacitor modules that use activated carbon to deliver first-class performance and is a direct replacement of DG set batteries. To trigger the DG sets, VNT has incorporated supercapacitor modules along with an isolated DC to DC charger.


  • Requires an input of 48VDC from the BTS battery and delivers 12V Output for the Genset controller.
  • The wide bandwidth of Operating Temperature from -40 °C to +60 °C.
  • Available in different capacity 120F, 144F, 180F for use in DG up to 40kVA.
  • Long self-life of around 10 years.
  • Charges quickly when compared to a regular battery. The discharge rate of the DG cranking unit is low. The ultra-Light weight of the build makes it easy for transportation
  • Anti-theft device, ideal for telecom sites.


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