Infra Remote Monitoring System

VNT’s Remote Monitoring System is a smart microprocessor-based system and consists of Modular Systems and GPRS/GSM Modem. It is used to remotely monitor the telecom sites.

Modular systems i.e., Shelter Master Unit acts as Master Unit and Collects all the data from DG unit, Fire Alarm Panel, AC Controller, etc., and sends it to a remote server via GPRS/GSM Modem.

All the settings and configuration of Modular systems and Modem are independent and to be done from a remote server. Modular systems are proposed for this application so that writing and installation work is eased and based upon the site requirements these modules can be selected.


  • Comes with a Compact build, easy installation, and maintenance.
  • Provides all the data related to the power for DG set, PMU/PIU, Aircon, Free cooling Unit, Battery Bank, etc.
  • Suitable for operation with all types of generator sets
  • Available with a multi-input modem.
  • Can be configured with existing hardware available at the site.
  • GPRS/GSM-based Modem.
  • Availability of Serial port for data transfer and field settings.
  • Efficient & User friendly

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