Power Management Unit

Embedded with a powerful microcontroller, this Power Management Unit governs all the power functions of telecom. Integrated into a single cabinet with various features and additional benefits such as wide input range, inbuilt auto healthy phase selector, emergency alarming panels, etc.

VNT’s Power Management unit is best suitable for rural/suburban regions with power problems. This device addresses the challenge of power problems and offers additional advantages as specified.


  • Wide Range Input from 90-300V L-N (155-520 V L-L).
  • The output of 220V +/- 5 or 10% through Static stabilizer Segment and LEDs.
  • Detailed display system using 20x4 LCD, 3x3 Seven Segment, and LEDs.
  • Inbuilt AMF/Transfer Switch facility is available for any make of DG set.
  • DG protection and exhaustive parameter settings options.
  • Galvanic isolation of 6KV on the utility power supply.
  • Availability of Serial port for data transfer and field settings.
  • 13 potential-free contacts PLUS 5 high current contacts.
  • Optional fuel management for Mains & DG.
  • Full energy management for Mains & DG.
  • Comes in a Stand-alone powder-coated mechanical cabinet.
  • Encapsulated with Class B Lightning protection and Class C Surge Protection.
  • Single/Multi static line conditioner configurations.
  • Fire and door alarm panels are integrated along with other infra-alarms
  • AC Distribution as per customer specifications.
  • Air conditioner controller provision on customer request.
  • Double DG Provision is available.

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