SMPS Power Systems

Switch Mode-Power Supply unit uses a switching regulator to transfer electrical power effectively. In other words, the unregulated DC input voltage is converted to a regulated DC output voltage at various voltage levels using our reliable, flexible and efficient SMPS Power System.

  • Indoor SMPS Capacity – 8KW, 12KW, 16KW, 24KW.
  • OUTDOOR SMPS Capacity along with battery bank space provision - 8KW, 12KW, 16KW, 24KW 24KW with 300 Ah to 600 Ah Battery Bank mounting provision
  • SMPS for MSCs 600A, 1000A, 1500A, 2000A, 2500A
  • Small Cell for ACDC Solution

SMPS Rectifier Modules

Size: 133H×85W×312D (mm)
Efficiency:> 96% 
Voltage:48 V
Output current:50 A

SMPS Rectifier Modules

Size: 133H×85W×312D (mm)
Efficiency:> 96% 
Voltage:48 V
Output power:4000W
Output current:84 A

SMPS Rectifier Modules

Size: 41H×86W×240D (mm)
Efficiency:> 96% 
Output current:30A, 15A

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