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Slide We protect you in the best way we know – cost-effective, eco-friendly, non-toxic, high-performing Stat-X Aerosol Fire Suppression Technology Fire Safety | Industrial Solutions Explore We ensure that your facility and equipment are reliable, safe and hazard-free. Let’s walk you through various comprehensive studies and audits performed by us Audits | Energy and Safety Explore

Power and Safety Solutions for remote monitoring and management of telecom site networks


Making Energy Greener, Affordable and Efficient with solutions suited for your specific needs


Stat-X Condensed Aerosol for cost-effective, convenient, non-toxic and prompt fire suppression


Quality audits for the safety of your assets - in compliance with all necessary standards


Innovative. Focussed. Reliable.

Critical sectors like Telecom, Data Centres, Solar PV, Subesession/ Industries etc., need sound solutions for industrial, automobiles, chemical, oil and gas and refineries.

At Vrinda Nano Technologies (VNT), we comprehensively provide these solutions and are preferred for our commitment to innovation and reliability. Through advanced technologies like Highly efficient SMPS power systems, Power management systems for Telecom, Compact and Wireless Safe String Combiner/Monitoring solutions for Solar Installations, and Plumbing free, easy to install Fire Protection system. We cater to crucial business needs in India and are expanding globally on a rapid scale.

VNT provides a pan-India service network to its clients. Please navigate to the Contact Page or reach out on our toll-free number: 18005727592.


Our Best Services


Keeping your assets safe with EHS Study - by setting best practices and following necessary standards


Grounding your worries with detailed Earthing Study - in compliance with IS 3043, IEEE 80, and more


Inspecting crucial structures with quality ELP Study - protecting you from losses caused by lightning


Our qualified auditors conduct a proper thermographic inspection to detect prospective faults


We undertake a comprehensive Corrosion Study to assess, locate and resolve any likelihood of material damage


Helping you touch base with your pattern of energy usage - for resource optimization and control

Our Partners

Serving Businesses Through Valuable Collaborations

Our partners DEHN SE + Co KG and Fireaway Inc. are pioneers in creating sophisticated safety technologies and serving their global clientele with years of expertise.

For over 100 years since its inception in Germany, DEHN has pushed developments for reliable protection of people and property against lightning and surge effects. Fireaway Inc. leads the international market for Fire Suppression – with its robust Stat-X being an effective and economical solution to extinguish fires in even the toughest conditions.

By combining our synergies, we drive customer value and achieve organisational goals. We help our clients use their resources efficiently.

Approved Halon Replacement and HFC Alternative

Stat-X Condensed Aerosol Fire Suppression

Stat-X® fire suppression is the most compact, environmentally friendly, and relatively ‘maintenance-free’ protection system available on the market today. Stat-X meets NFPA 2010, UL 2775 and US EPA standards and has vital use in Telecom, Solar, Fire Safety, Lightning Protection and Earthing.

Watch this video to learn more about Stat-X process and applications.

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