Meet the VNT Leadership

Dr. Vikas Almadi

Chairman and Managing Director

Extending our experience to bridge the energy divide

Dr. Vikas Almadi is an entrepreneur with more than two decades of experience in technology, business, and management. He is a pioneer in the Lightning and Surge Protection Industry in India. He believes technology to be the best catalyst for innovation. He is the brains behind introducing SMPS technology in telecommunication, railways, utilities, and many other acclaimed projects, with IPMS being the most recognized. He completed his Management degree from SGMI Management Institute St. Gallen and received his Doctorate in Professional Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Studies from ECU. A trailblazer and leader, he has established many companies, nurtured and trained staff, providing them with the skills and the technology to outperform themselves every time. Leading all aspects of information about lightning protection in India, he has created a vast awareness on the subject and has held several on-field protection projects especially in oil & gas, nuclear power, space research installations. Under his leadership as Managing Director, VNT leads the way to apply engineering excellence for the security and automation of various business verticals. He was heading DEHN Group’s operations in India, with whom he has been associated for 25 years.

Rahul Sharma

CEO & Director

Contributing to industrial regeneration for people, and the planet

Having held the highest positions in top multinational telecom power supply companies over the last 22 years, Mr. Rahul Sharma has gained unparalleled experience to provide strategic leadership direction to VNT’s businesses in India.

He holds a coveted background in Electronic Engineering. He has been able to render invaluable insights to practically all VNT India’s business domains through his knowledge of electrical and electronic engineering, digital signal processing, telecommunications, optoelectronics, SMPS systems, and other relevant disciplines. His customer-centric approach drives business growth while bringing about exponential growth in the telecom sector in India and neighboring countries.

With his instrumental role in growing and developing the company, we are sure to have abundant success for years to come.

We Strive for Excellence

Let’s take a moment to be grateful for a team that reflects togetherness and the one that pledges to reach absolute heights of excellence in unison! Our longevity and success may indeed be attributed to our skilled and committed leaders who have created the company on a foundation of integrity, openness, ethics, teamwork, and uncompromising customer service. But our dedicated employees make a difference every day. We at VNT, retain, invest and reward our employees with a healthy work culture that celebrates a safe and growing pathway, excellent collaborations, massive new opportunities, diversity, and inclusion for all. 

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