Driving the Energy Revolution: Our Contribution

For us, energy efficiency and conservation are the strongholds of achieving sustainability. From our super high efficiency SMPS systems to help save businesses tremendous cost – to our plans of making solar power the sole driver of our energy needs, we are doing everything in our ‘power’ to support the mission of Bureau of Energy Efficiency.

We appreciate your active participation in all things we do to aid our pursuit of complete Energy Revolution. With your support, we will leverage our expertise every day in making the world greener, connected and protected.


To simplify and provide innovative and efficient energy solutions


To help the world become greener, connected and protected

We trust the process. Do you?

Lead by the capable leadership of Mr. Rahul Sharma, we are a group of passionate individuals dedicated to achieving the highest quality standards transparently and ethically.

We believe in one simple philosophy: to devote our knowledge and talent to creating superior products that promote sustainability and lead to a better global community.

Our Services

We are dedicated to improving the sustenance of businesses and contributing to nations in building dependable maintenance and tailored solutions through long-term value generation. We strive to help our customers establish successful, reliable, and uninterrupted power management strategies through a diverse portfolio of services

Electrical Health Safety Study

Keeping your assets safe with EHS Study - by setting best practices and following necessary standards

Earthing Study

Grounding your worries with detailed Earthing Study - in compliance with IS 3043, IEEE 80, and more

Energy Audit

Inspecting crucial structures with quality ELP Study - protecting you from losses caused by lightning

PQ and Thermography

Our qualified auditors conduct a proper thermographic inspection to detect prospective faults

Lightning Protection
Adequacy Study

We undertake a comprehensive Corrosion Study to assess, locate and resolve any likelihood of material damage

Fire Safety

From risk assessment to system designs, we take care of all statutory needs to protect your business

Building Reliable Spaces for our Clients

Our Certifications

ISO 14001

ISO 45001

ISO 9001

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