Powering Solar Solutions

Using our ingenuity, portfolio, and commitment, we develop accessible power generation resources and assist utility-scale and rooftop projects for businesses in India. Power your business with an array of energy-efficient and sustainable solar solutions today

Why Us?


Fastest Project Implementation

From securing power distribution in PV modules to increase operational efficiency and installation, we seek what’s best for your business


Everlasting Peak Performance

By utilizing our power distribution, control and monitoring solutions, you can ensure that your PV system is performing at its finest


Design per IEC & IS standards

We closely monitor system integrity ensuring IEC and IS compliance so that any anomalies are promptly discovered and uptime is maximized

Product Catalog

String Combiner Box

PV systems are particularly finicky to power fluctuations, which poses a challenge for solar installers. String Combiner Box rescues solar equipment against such surges

String Monitoring Box

VNT’s string monitoring box enables you to monitor system performance while maintaining exceptional system safety customized as per business needs

Solar AC Distribution Panel

Designed to provide great system performance as well as enhanced protection by isolating the inverter from the mains 
when necessary.

Solar LT Metering Panel

Fulfilling major industrial power purposes, solar LT metering panel serves as the best solution for effortless monitoring, sealing provision, and space-friendly metering

Pankaj Kalra

Solar Solutions Lead


End to end Solar Solutions:
Designed to stand the test of time

Mr. Pankaj leads the solar department, bringing his expertise in sales & marketing, a wealth of experience in project management and technical sales, and specialized knowledge of the solar generation industry. He has extensive experience mitigating project risks and fulfilling stakeholder expectations, from the sales and marketing stage to execution, closing, and handing over.

With his proficient knowledge of industry standards and strong leadership skills, he effectively liaises with all levels of staff and external customers.

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