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Fire Detection System

Traditional Conventional Alarm System links devices such as smoke detectors and calls point to the main control panel. Although it indicates the region of fire, the only drawback of a conventional alarm system lies in failing to pinpoint the activated devices at the scene.

At VNT, we offer an “Addressable Fire Alarm System”, which makes the addressable fire alarm system more effective than a conventional alarm system. It not just detect what device has been activated, but also alarms with its location. This feature will enable you to find the exact location of a fire and lend a hand in extinguishing them quickly as they indicate us to use the corresponding fire suppressing devices installed at the risk zones.

Apart from being effective in the early detection of fire hazards, fire detection systems must also be smart. The control relay modules in our advanced addressable detection systems communicate through signals to the ancillary services such as electrical systems, fire suppression systems, access control systems, video surveillance, emergency lighting systems, smoke alarm, emergency communication systems, etc., and thereby, help in quick fire hazard suppression.

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