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Every business must ensure the safety of human and physical assets in all forms – especially against fire hazards that can cause significant damage to business and valuable equipment. We make certain that your project is staffed with only the finest caliber of fire safety solutions for complete protection

Why Us?


All-around Safety Approach

Our networked solutions monitor critical loads to business equipment, detect any sign of fire hazard, and mitigate it to keep the industry safe from fire and ensure that operation runs smoothly.


Reliable Early Detection

We dampen the likelihood of unfavorable outcomes in a worksite or confined space by planning ahead of time through early detections and suppression solutions.


Tested & Proven Capabilties

Abiding by international standards such as NFPA 2010 and UL 2775, our fire safety systems act in a robust manner, helping you to focus on core management activities.

Product Catalog

Stat-X Fire Suppression System

Stat-X Aerosol Technology, developed by Fireaway Inc., is a cost-effective alternative to the traditional fire hazard suppression system that works on a variety of fire threats, ensuring business continuity and safety.

Fire Detection System

Through our innovative real-time monitoring and fire detection technology, you can detect the exact location and device that has caught on or caused the fire to rescue people and property against fire.

SEM-SAFE® High-Pressure Water Mist Fire Fighting System

Fire fighting with SEM-SAFE® water mist is unique. Water is forced through nozzles at high pressure to create an extremely fine mist.

SEM-SAFE® Low-Pressure CO2 system

SEM-SAFE® low-pressure CO2 firefighting systems are ideal for engine rooms with large capacities.

Mr. Sher Singh

Fire Safety &
Industrial Solutions Lead
+91 9971933685

We are here for your safety

Mr. Sher Singh is heading the fire solutions domain at VNT. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and brings to the industry his extensive knowledge of regulated service and technical support. With over a decade of techno-commercial experience, he is an accomplished leader in all aspects of energy, Industrial and fire safety. He has an impeccable track record of delivering results that align industrial solutions with corporate strategy and business objectives.

His transformational approach drives business growth while also ensuring safety and continuity through process improvements and strategic development initiatives. He brings in a wealth of leadership experience managing sales and project execution to contribute exceptional customer value.

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