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Bharat AC001 EV Charger – 10kW

Introducing the VNT Bharat AC001 EV Charger – 10kW. With its compact design and compatibility with various electric vehicle types, it’s the perfect choice for expanding your charging infrastructure. Install this durable and efficient charger today in public parking areas, government offices, fleet management, and enterprise parking lots for efficient charging services.


  • The charger features a sleek and modern design that complements any environment.
  • Offering a power output of 10kW, this charger provides convenient charging options through three 3.3 kW IEC 60309/Home sockets.
  • The charger’s all-weather enclosure boasts an IP54 rating, ensuring protection against dust and water ingress for reliable indoor and outdoor use.
  • The charger is designed for hassle-free installation and intuitive operation, ensuring a user-friendly charging experience.
  • The 4.3/7″ Full-Colour Touchscreen Display offers excellent readability even in daylight, providing clear charging status information.
  • Compatible with Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP upgradable to advance level) Seamlessly integrate the charger into your charging management system using the OCPP, enabling efficient network management.
  • Enjoy the convenience of APP, scanning QR codes or using RFID cards for easy authentication and payment during charging sessions.

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Different Grades of EV Solution

Bharat AC001 EV Charger – 3.3kW

VNT Bharat AC 001 EV Charger is a compact AC Slow charging station. This charger comes in Single Sockets for E- vehicles. It can deploy charging network rapidly and effectively for electric vehicles.

AC WallBox Charger – 7.4kW

VNT AC Wall box 7.4 kW is a compact AC Charging station for use at homes, offices and other residential and commercial locations.