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Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Risk Assessment services offered by VNT is a structured and a systematic examination of the workplace to identify the potential fire hazards & preparedness to control them within a safe time. It is conducted by our competent & experienced Fire Safety Auditors as it involves an in-depth examination of an organization’s fire safety management system(s) and associated arrangements.

The audit focuses on the key aspects of managing safety in situations of fire within the workplace and offers a structured path for continual improvement towards best practices. Fire Safety Audit in India also includes compliance checks with statutory requirements like Factory Act, ISI Standards, and NBC Chapter- 4. In the hands of our experts, your business is safe.

Fire Safety System Design & Estimation

Fire protection systems are meant to provide a reasonable degree of protection for life and property from fire. The fire protection system design & estimation serves the purpose to have and maintain adequate arrangements as per different Standards, Codes and Acts to deal with different fire hazard situation in the premises.

Our team is fully equipped with all the gears to assess the facility as per different categories under NBC and design the fire safety system including detection, auto suppression & fire-fighting system.

Home /VNT Services /Fire Risk Assessment