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Solar AC Distribution Panel

VNT offers a wide range of ACDB/ACCB panels cater for the needs of residential, commercial and utility-scale projects, i.e., ranging from single-phase (1 to 5 kW systems) to 3 phase (5kW to 1000 kW systems)

Further, we are a key manufacturer for 800 VAC ACCBs that goes into utility-scale projects wherein AC output of string inverters are combined and fed to the LT panel system.


• In compliance with IEC 60947/UL standards
• Fully customizable for rooftop & utility-scale market
• Available in FRP/PC/Metal enclosures
• Integrated with Fuses, Isolators, MCCBs, SPDs
• Suitable and compatible with all major string inverter manufacturers.

Home /Solar Solutions /Solar AC Distribution Panel