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String Monitoring Box

String monitoring boxes (SMBs) serve as an advanced version of combiner boxes involving the collation of multiple strings of solar PV modules to transfer a single main output to inverters. Additionally, it allows monitoring electrical parameters of input strings, temperature, fuse status, SPD status, Disconnector switch status and, so on.

Our world-class manufacturing facility helps in building a high-quality product with an unmatched level of reliability at a competitive price, thereby ensuring a long product life in challenging environmental conditions.


•Fully Customizable up to 32 PV string inputs & 600 to 1500 VDC
• Built-in touch sale fuse, fuse holders and, DC isolator
• Integrated Surge protection devices
• Measurement accuracy of ±0.5%
• 100% factory tested in compliance with ISO 9001:2015, IEC 61439-1&-2 standards

Home /Solar Solutions /String Monitoring Box