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Super High Efficiency SMPS

A Switch Mode-Power Supply system uses a switching regulator to transfer electrical power from a source — usually an AC outlet — to a DC device effectively. Our super highly efficient SMPS systems hold a unique position in the market for their overall performance, cost-effectiveness, customization possibilities and more.


• A wide range of products including AC-AC and AC-DC power systems
• Both modular and stand-alone solutions like an outdoor SMPS cabinet
• Hot-swappable along with a highly intelligent controller module
• Provides ease of logistics management and longer system-level MTBF
• Designed for both indoor and outdoor telecom applications

Home /Telecom Solutions /Super High Efficiency SMPS


Different Grades of Super High Efficiency SMPS

Outdoor 8 - 24KW SMPS

Indoor 16 - 24 KW SMPS

Indoor 12KW Power Shelf

Indoor 850W - 7KW Power Shelf