MPPT charger is a solar transformation module, which adopts the staggered quasi-resonant BOOST + LLC half‐bridge resonance topology, and several other technologies to drive maximum power tracking, electromagnetic compatibility, and more.


• High Efficiency of more than 99%
• Has one fan front‐to‐back airflow with latest thermal solution
• Excellent capacity of working in parallel, positive and, negative ground application
• Input transient protection & galvanic isolation design
• Design life more than 10 years

Specification of MPPT

2900W MPPT

Dimension: 73*295*132.5 (mm)
Weight: 1.5 kg
Input Voltage: 100 VDC-400 VDC (240 ~ 400 VDC full load output)
Input Current: <12.5A
Output: 42V-58V
Voltage Output: 2900W
Capacity Efficiency: 96%