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String Combiner Box

Solar plants need to be up and running. While they are highly susceptible to voltage spikes or surges, our redundant system solutions in the array junction box help them to stay that way.

A String Combiner Box along with Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) installed in the Array Junction Box diverts the excess voltage into the ground through earthing lines and thereby, ensures electrical and electronic equipment protection.

Being well suited for utility-scale projects and all rooftop installations, our junction boxes allow several photovoltaic strings (ranging from 8 to 24) to provide one combined total DC power which is distributed to the photovoltaic inverter.


• Robust housing made of ABS, Polycarbonate, or CRCA
• Compliance standards per national & international Standards
• IP 66, 67 rated Enclosure protection
• Incorporated with a Fuse, an indicator up to 15A, 1000 VDC rating and, surge protection device (DEHN YPV SCI 1000)
• Available in different ranges 8, 12, 16, 24 strings per business requirements.

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