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Incorporated in 2003 with a vision of simplifying efficient energy solutions, VNT today is a dominant force in a wide range of industries, including telecommunications, solar, power, defence, and railways, among others.

Our company has become a reliable partner for businesses in the power management, asset conservation, and fire safety verticals through strategic business operations and a customer-centric perspective.

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How is the Indian Solar Industry Adapting Nascent Monitoring Technology?

The key highlight of the 4th Indian Energy Forum addresses the global sustainability commitments ensuring digital innovation across all the energy systems. With photovoltaics proceeding to become the most reliable alternative energy resource, the scope of new-age technologies such as integrated arrays, remote monitoring, etc. constitutes a significant role.

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Monday, March 21, 2022

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  • Technology missions and challenges in solar power generation.

  • What necessitates the need for solar power monitoring?

  • Scope of remote monitoring technology.

All energy infrastructures are complex, and many factors are at play. But to optimize solar energy production and streamline operations, automated processes and predictive maintenance are necessary. Having commissioned the target of 100 GW of solar PV by 2022, the challenges amidst the production of grid-interactive facilities persist.

Photovoltaics are subjected to irradiation, downtime, and power disruptions that undermine the power potential of solar panels. Thus, systems with monitoring facilities stand effective in the long-term, as real-time monitoring offers data regarding the overall performance, energy generation, damage, etc. After all this utility, there has been minimal government address of how necessary these monitoring systems are.

However, with ongoing innovations and asset holders’ continual efforts, the far-sighted vision of the PV market to shine like the sun seems promising.

In the unfortunate times of covid crisis, digital transformation has speed up and businesses adapting to such new-age technological advancements are evident. Considering the same, IoT-based monitoring systems have enabled companies to remotely examine performance parameters and locate the point of incompetence.  Remote monitoring systems have not only aided in the accessibility of monitoring off-grid systems that are located in extremely isolated locations but also made it cost-effective.

The challenges inherent with pacing remote monitoring technology can seamlessly offset with policy support.

Following is a statement from Mr. Rahul Sharma, CEO, and Director of Vrinda Nano Technologies, India:

Might companies shift their focus from green technology to evergreen technology such as remote monitoring, we can commit to the energy targets with a boost. The preliminary step to scale up solar innovations lies in the hands of solution providers to couple our commitments to optimize energy utilization and resolute innovative processes at the forefront. By altering the new-age facilities and utilizing our domain expertise, VNT is poised to offer solutions and unrivaled services tailored to conjugate business requirements with government regulations.

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Founded in 2003, VNT is India’s trusted partner for comprehensive solutions in the fields of Power Management, Fire Safety, and Asset Monitoring. We work with a customer-centric vision to render solutions of the highest caliber through decades of research, expertise, and excellence.

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