Incorporated in 2003 with a vision of simplifying efficient energy solutions, VNT today is a dominant force in a wide range of industries, including telecommunications, solar, power, defence, and railways, among others. Our

In the first six months of 2021, Delhi Fire Service responded to over 13,700 calls, out of which 8,700 were fire incidents. This alarming statistic reflects a lack of awareness regarding fire suppression

Power has become the most crucial element required for the functioning of an economy since the Industrial Revolution. Different industry sectors are heavily dependent on energy, from domestic to agricultural and to service

Today, Switch-Mode Power Supply Systems find wide usage in nearly all electronic devices – from home computers to state-of-the-art industrial machinery and equipment. SMPS technology was first introduced in the late 1990s, and

Traditional fire suppression systems necessitate costly installation, frequent maintenance, piping space, and numerous other modifications throughout their shelf life. Another significant limitation was that they required handling by trained professionals. As technology progressed,

India is one of the fastest-growing economies globally, and it has made remarkable strides in furthering its energy sector and economic efficiency. However, its energy demand is projected to increase with time. Therefore,

Fossil Fuels like coal and petroleum are finite. Our current ways of over-exploitation of our resources have led to their near depletion. With ever-increasing urbanization and population, our energy needs will grow with