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Bharat DC001 Charger – 15kW/30kW

Unlock the power and convenience of the VNT Bharat DC001 Charger. Experience its modern and stylish design, impressive charging capabilities, and wide compatibility with various electric vehicle models, offering an exceptional opportunity to enhance your charging infrastructure.

Dive into the endless possibilities provided by the versatile VNT Bharat DC001 Charger. Embrace its sleek aesthetics, outstanding charging performance, and adherence to EV standards, making it an intelligent choice for expanding your charging network. Seize the chance to invest in this charger today and deliver efficient and dependable DC charging services to Mahindra, Tata, L5 loaders, transport vehicles, and beyond.


  • The charger boasts an elegant and up-to-date design, seamlessly blending into any setting.
  • Experience fast and efficient charging with the option of 15kW ( Single Output) and 30kW (Dual output)power outputs.
  • The charger's sturdy enclosure is IP55-rated, ensuring protection against dust and water intrusion, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Designed for straightforward installation and intuitive use, providing a hassle-free charging experience.
  • Benefit from the charger's remarkable 200A output current, enabling rapid and efficient charging.
  • Equipped with Dual/single adaptable Gb/T outlets, accommodating a variety of electric vehicle models.
  • The display offers easy visibility even in daylight conditions, providing real-time charging status updates and convenient access to features.
  • Integrate the charger seamlessly into your charging management system using the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) for efficient network management.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of scanning QR codes or utilizing RFID cards for effortless authentication and payment during charging sessions.
  • The charger adheres to the Gb/T standard, ensuring compatibility and compliance with electric vehicle charging requirements.

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Different Grades of Small Cell Solution

Bharat AC001 EV Charger – 3.3kW

VNT Bharat AC 001 EV Charger is a compact AC Slow charging station. This charger comes in Single Sockets for E- vehicles. It can deploy charging network rapidly and effectively for electric vehicles.


Bharat AC001 EV Charger – 10kW

VNT Bharat AC 001 EV Charger is a compact AC Slow charging station. This charger comes in single variant with three Sockets for all type E-vehicles.