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5G Rollout in Metro cities: VNT's take on the future

The Indian telecom industry is the second largest globally and is triggered by technology-driven breakthroughs. Given the imminent changes in the sector, we cannot wait for what the evolving marvels offer. In the light of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, the 5G spectrum is aimed to have a substantial impact in the fairly near future.

Paving a promising future for the telecom industry, the launch will likely roll out by quarter 3 this year. With the wisdom of hindsight, there seems to be a scope of widespread opportunities in the sector like massive network capacity. How necessary is 5G for the ever-evolving connectivity dependence? Let’s find out.

Unveiling Path Beyond Connectivity

The Indian telecommunication sector is the second-largest network market in the world, with a vast consumer base. While the industry is witnessing spectacular revenue generation growth, there have been corresponding government initiatives to support it.

As per the union budget 2022-23, Rs. 84,587 crores have been allocated to the sector under the production-linked incentive scheme. With a gain in the next-generation technology momentum, the promising innovations turn into reality, as with 5G in India.
Despite the delay in launch to the rest of the countries, the Indian market is steadily identifying an enormous opportunity. Additionally, the telecommunication minister Mr. Ashwini Vaishnaw inaugurated the 5G roadmap stating the final stages of development at the international business expo.

Does 5G technology have the potential to curb challenges that have been plaguing such a vital sector of the economy?

Great customer experience calls for excellence in delivering peak data speeds, vast bandwidth, and superior network capacity. Indian telecom industry is set to accomplish this excellence along with ultra-low latency, better availability, and more reliability. However, some of the significant challenges creating a backdrop for the rollout are:

1. Competitive pricing: While there is a heightened level of networking speed and bandwidth, there is a lack of sufficient preparatory work for the launch of new-age communication technology.

This, in turn, leads to spectrum pricing and allocation uncertainty. Given the rising concerns about prices, the government has anticipated the launch on track.

2. High Competition: In recent years, intense competition by strong players has gripped the telecom industry. Not only do the companies lack adequate finances, but 5G creates a niche market for itself. Thereby, intensifying robust growth and power price volatility.

3. Critical Infrastructure: The communication spectrum is critical and requires a modified infrastructural change to maintain the flow of transition from 4G to 5G. To offer real-time value, the industry needs to accommodate subsisting resources.

4. Limited Access: From previous advances that enabled accessible communication to date, the telecom industry lacks digital accessibility, especially in remote areas. With consumers transitioning from 4G to 5G, India needs to leapfrog the overall market by deploying different band spectrums and avoiding procedural delays.

Besides the challenges, 5G is designed to transform the telecom landscape, creating a room for the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, and more.

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How Prepared is VNT for 5G in India?

According to Ericsson Mobility Report, the Indian telecom industry aims to increase rural tele density and account for over 350 million network subscriptions by 2026.

To help the industry achieve this target, telecom companies, including solution providers, will play a crucial role. The deployment of reliable solutions will result in a steady growth trajectory for the sector and the economy.
One of the major prerequisites for the implementation of new-gen 5G networking is the use of Fibre infrastructure. VNT takes pride in deriving value from disruptive technologies and adjacent opportunities. Thereby, we specialize in installing hyper-scale optic fiber networks that are fully integrated for 5G applications.

Despite a backdrop compared with other countries, India is close to offering a wider commercial rollout of networking.

We envision delivering a plethora of trustworthy telecom solutions for a smooth network with active government initiatives and financial incentives. Our super high-efficiency SMPS and Rectifiers are specifically designed to scale up promising options effectively.

What’s the catch? An industry like telecom that continues to evolve every day requires a unified view and mission of all business units. Hence, we are committed to optimizing our customer experience through 5G’s value-added proposition. Our solutions encapsulate the highest compliance standards and innovative practices to deploy utility-scale projects.

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