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Fire Risk of Electrical Cabinets and Its Solution

Electrical cabinets are supposed to protect the electrical equipment, but what will prevent them from potentially destructive threats? Such devices have higher fire risks due to the extensive electrical equipment engagement.

But is acknowledging these risks and their solutions significant enough? Read more to discover

What are the risks with electrical cabinets?

As per a report, 56% of industrial fire breakouts are due to electrical faults. Electrical equipment (such as fuses, disconnect switches, bus bars, etc.) are prone to fire risks due to the heavy flow of current running throughout. These are, thus, enclosed in electrical cabinets to prevent external interference that can stimulate the risk.

However, electrical cabinets require additional protection to reduce further fire risks. Many elements contribute to electrical fires, such as:

● Excessive heating of equipment due to overloaded circuits
● Overlooking the risk of reignition
● Unsatisfactory maintenance
● Faulty wires, outdated infrastructure, etc.

What is the solution?

To reduce the damage due to fire breakouts, it is mandatory to install electrical cabinet fire suppression systems.

Fire suppression systems help detect even the minutest faults in the electric meter box cabinet at the earliest and help in its timely suppression. This results in a secure and better functioning of your electrical equipment. It also makes this technology more reliable than conventional fire detection systems.

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Stat-X: An Unfaltering Solution

Stat-X Aerosol Fire Suppression Systems have an unmatched functioning rate regarding consumer safety and product quality. It is a cost-effective, low-maintenance, compactly designed fire alarm system. It is a total flooding system for enclosed spaces.

Stat-X is also a listed extinguisher for Class A (solid materials), B (liquid and gas materials), and C (electrical failures) fire hazards. Fundamentally, it is Aerosol with ultra-fine solid particles combined with and propelled by low-pressure N2 inert gas.

The Stat-X Agent suppresses and extinguishes fire through the following process:

1. When a fire emergency is detected, the Stat-X agent and inert gas suspension discharge fill the hazard volume. Its particle size is 1-2 microns.

2. Then, the Potassium radicals from the Stat-X agent mix with the free radicals, which are generated from combustion. This interrupts the fire’s reaction pathway and creates stable molecules and compounds.

3. As a result, the interrupted fire reaction pathway loses its ability to sustain combustion, and the fire is completely suppressed.

Features of Stat-X Aerosol technology

Stat-X is an adequate solution to curb fire risks due to its multiple features, which are listed below:

1. Environment friendly: Stat-X agent has Zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP), Zero Global Warming Potential (GWP), and Zero Atmospheric Lifetime (ALT). It promotes and also contributes to environmental safety.

2. Cost-effective to own: Stat-X does not require agent level checks, container weighing, disassembly or vessel hydro-testing. It is also hermetically sealed, has a rigid stainless steel structure and is also UL approved for 10-year service life. All these factors reduce surplus maintenance expenses and make it cost-effective to own.

3. Simple installation: In order to install Stat-X, any distribution piping is not needed. It has a compact design that reduces mounting hardware while saving floor and wall space. This also helps in saving installation hardware and labour costs, making the entire process hassle-free and viable.

4. Reliability: Stat-X is proven a reliable alternative to a fire suppression system. It helps in the early detection of potential fire hazards that reduce the risk of damage risks due to sudden fire breakouts. It also eliminates any inconvenience due to false alarms.

Why choose VNT?

VNT is a leading fire safety solutions provider in the market. Our in-depth understanding of the related products and their functioning gives us a solid research base. We analyze the market requirements and continually work on improving our products.

We know it is critical to follow all the norms stated by authorized bodies when it comes to electrical equipment safety. Our years of expertise are well recognized under Factory Act, ISI Standards, and NBC Chapter-4. Our fire suppression systems are approved and certified under the below-mentioned statutory requirements:

1. Applicable standards (national and international), such as but not limited to – IS 14489
2. Code of Practice of Occupational Health and Safety Audits
3. CEA Regulations (2010 and its amendments)
4. National Building Code (NBC) 2016
5. National Lightning Code 2010

Do not wait for fire if you can dull the spark!

Our safety highly depends on our choices. A tiny spark can cause major fire breakouts, and many alarm systems tend to ignore such minimal signs. Consequently, it is wise to consider the best fit fire safety solutions which you can rely upon.

Fire risks are directly proportional to the consumption of electricity. Industries with high electricity requirements are more prone to catching fire hazards. Considering this fact, it is essential to adopt superlative fire detection and suppression systems for protecting the electric cabinets.

Our Fire Safety Services have a promising list of satisfied customers. We assist our customers throughout the product lifetime to provide them with a hassle-free user experience. Electric fire risks directly affect your workspace productivity. It becomes a perpetual threat to your assets and resources if not addressed promptly.

Hence, installing a reliable fire suppression system is crucial to reducing potential electric fire risks.

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