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Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development in India

The availability of renewable energy in India contributes to advancing the country’s development in multiple aspects. Being ranked 3rd in the renewable energy country attractive index in the year 2021, India is rapidly striving towards achieving its goal of building a Sustainable Future. It is obligatory to understand the necessity of instilling this approach in every possible way to progress further.

Let us read more about India’s sustainability plans for the forthcoming time.

How Does India Intend to Utilize its Renewable Energy?

A developing country such as India has a high energy requirement. The growing industries, digitalized working centers, and teaching-learning institutions require power to run. Nearly every other task requires energy utilization in one or the other way.

Hence, it is mandatory to select the best energy resources for power generation to protect our natural resources moreover our environment.

India’s Union Budget 2022 emphasizes utilizing renewable energy for establishing a sustainable future. The budget has a target of generating 175 GW of renewable energy by the end of 2022. It has highly benefited the stakeholders in the following ways:

  1. Economic growth: India has witnessed exceptional growth in the financial sector due to its sustainable development approach. The potential of the Indian market attracts foreign investors at a remarkable rate. It simultaneously opens up tremendously valuable employment opportunities, directly raising the country’s GDP.
  2. Improve energy security: Renewable energy is a reliable source of power generation. It enables fuel diversification which helps in reducing the risk of fuel spills and reduces the country’s dependency on imported fuels.
  3. Mitigate climate change: It is essential to consider the environmental impacts of everything that happens around us. We are accountable for ensuring the safety of our natural resources and the environment. Unsupervised utilization of non-renewable resources has caused severe climatic changes over many years. Adopting renewable energy will, thus, help in curbing the climatic imbalance and create a sustainable future for the upcoming generations.
  4. Improve access to energy: India is highly capable of domestic power production. The Government of India has launched many initiatives to make power accessible to all geographical regions. Several policies and investments are being executed to make the clean energy vision successful. Policies like Renewable energy investment, Air pollution budget 2021, etc., have benefitted the citizens from all over the country, including those from the remote areas, and have increased the accessibility to energy to a greater extent.

What are VNT’s Solutions for Sustainable Development in India?

Sustainability is a crucial factor in determining our strategies and designing our solutions. At VNT, we inculcate our idea of sustainability in our solutions. Given the current scenario, it is essential not only for us but for every other brand to follow the principle of sustainability. Promoting and deploying renewable energy ensures access to reliability and feasibility for the manufacturers and the consumers.

As well-established market leaders for over a decade, our responsibility is to address social and environmental challenges. Our solar domain consists of solutions and services concerning power generation and monitoring services. We have pledged to assist our customers whenever required, from installation to post-installation supervision of your photovoltaic panels. Our products, such as the String Combiner Box and String Monitoring Box, help supervise your electrical equipment’s functioning. It protects you against unforeseen mishaps due to electrical surges or malfunctioning equipment.

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Our domains like telecommunication, fire safety, and other industrial services combine with the central vision of sustainable development. Our solutions help in promoting and curbing the challenges in sustainable development. They facilitate the concept of energy efficiency by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and conserving fossil fuels for energy generation.

‘Renew’ your lifestyle with Renewable Energy

Renewable energy has more than enough advantages for being our prime choice, especially in a country like India, where it is available everywhere. There is no argument against the fact that, in the current scenario, renewable energy is the only viable option. It not just helps protect the environment but also benefits the people directly.

The introduction of an entirely new sector of renewable energy management has resulted in the country’s economic, social, and environmental development. It has also opened employment opportunities for the residents, which helps them save and make money.

It is easy to infer from the growing industrialization in India that energy consumption is also growing at a similar rate. Power management in India has been a matter of discussion for quite a long time. Thus, renewable energy is the most efficient alternative to resolve such problems.

Our lifestyle choices are critical in preventing the wastage of natural resources. Environmental safety depends highly on the selection of power generation techniques. Therefore, it must be ensured by all the power users that they opt for the solution providers who are equally conscious of environmental impacts.

VNT is proven to be one of the top-notch solution providers. Our products and services qualify under the necessary government standardization benchmarks, making us a worthy alternative for fulfilling your requirements.

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