Switch-Mode Power Supply: A Requisite for Every Control Panel

Today, Switch-Mode Power Supply Systems find wide usage in nearly all electronic devices – from home computers to state-of-the-art industrial machinery and equipment. SMPS technology was first introduced in the late 1990s, and it quickly became the most successful technique for supplying DC power to electronic equipment. Known primarily for its small size and high efficiency, SMPS contains all the necessary properties that make it a must-have for all industrial sectors, from Machine Tool industries, Process & Control Monitoring to Security Systems. Due to its competence, SMPS is used to provide an efficient and effective power source.

This article covers various aspects of SMPS, including its working, usage and functionality.

What is a Switch-Mode Power Supply?

A Switch Mode Power Supply is an electronic power supply that utilizes a switching regulator to convert electrical power efficiently and safely. Like conventional Power Supplies, SMPS transfers power from an AC or DC source to a DC load, while converting voltage and current characteristics. 

“Power Supply” refers to a device that generates source power and is connected to the mains or another external supply. In simple words, it’s a complete power supply. Switch Mode Power Supply does not use linear transforms; instead, it switches power at a high frequency and then steps down the voltage.

The basic principle behind a Switch-Mode Power Supply is that it utilizes a switching regulator to regulate the voltage. It employs a series switching element to turn on and off the current supply to a smoothing capacitor. The voltage on the capacitor determines how long the series element is turned on. If it is greater than the required value, the series switching element is turned off; if it is less than the required value, it is turned on. The voltage on the smoothing or reservoir capacitor is thus kept at the required level.

Need For SMPS in Advanced Industries

In an industry, multiple types of machinery are at work at the same time. Unlike the past, wherein machines and equipment were operated manually, the operations in today’s automated industries are mechanized and frequently grouped together. The functions performed by these machines can be turned on and off using a computer. Some of these machines may require different voltages to operate effectively. Machinery and Equipment that operate in varying voltages might be needed to be integrated to work simultaneously. A DC power supply source is required in diverse voltages to deploy this system proficiently. This results in large-scale use of Switch-Mode Power Supply in modern industries.

A DC power source powers almost all electronic and electrical devices in the control panel; the utility supply is AC. SMPS is used for converting AC To DC. Traditionally, Linear Mode Power Supplies have been used to convert AC mains to DC power. They used linear transformers to reduce the voltage. This generated heat and resulted in power loss. The total magnitude of this power loss results in a significant decrease in efficiency. Another disadvantage of Linear Mode Power Supplies is their bulkiness. Switch-Mode Power Supply is light-weight and portable, thus more convenient to use in industries where efficiency, space-saving and cost-effectiveness have to be achieved. Switch-Mode Power Supplies have replaced the conventional Linear Mode Power supply and created a demand for themselves in the market.

Switch-Mode Power Supplies: One Solution, Multiple Benefits

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Our Switch Mode Power Supplies are widely utilized due to their small size, light-weight, cost, efficacy, and overall performance advantages.

  1. High Efficiency: Due to the “switching action”, the series regulator element is either on or off. Electromagnetic interference is prevented by the electromagnetic filters used in SMPS. Because of its wide output range, SMPS is designed so that the input voltage does not affect the transformer’s performance. Thus, higher levels of efficiency are achieved as very little energy is dissipated as heat when acting as a switch.
  1. Compact: It uses advanced semiconductors-thus an SMPS can be made smaller. They make an excellent choice for small control panels. Their high efficiency and low heat dissipation also play a key factor in their small size.
  1. Cost-Effective: A SMPS generates less heat compared to linear supplies due to its higher efficiency and switching design- they generate negligible standby power loss.

  2. Flexibility: Switch-mode Power Supply technology provides high-efficiency voltage conversions in voltage step-up (or Boost) or step-down (Buck) applications.

  3. Durability: Industrial power supplies should be able to endure harsh environments and withstand high temperatures. SMPS functions aptly at both high and low temperatures.

  4. Safety: Guaranteed protection against overload, short-circuit and overheating.

Switch-Mode Power Supply: Factors Affecting Performance 

Throughout the article, we inferred the need of replacing Linear Regulators with Switching Mode Power Regulators to maintain high efficiency. SMPS outperforms the traditional Linear Power Supply in efficiency, but care must be taken in certain aspects.

The transient spikes caused by the switching mode is one of the most severe issues. If the spikes aren’t properly filtered, they can spread to all other circuits powered by the same SMPS. They can also cause electromagnetic or radio frequency interference, affecting other nearby electronic equipment.

A SMPS with a poor design can produce a lot of noise and spikes in the output. Ensuring that a SMPS meets its specifications can be difficult; an expert design. Thus, selecting a SMPS from a reputable provider is critical, as simple designs may have a low power factor. The Switch-Mode Power Supply system developed by VNT is the finest choice for any industry. For various telecommunications applications, we render reliable and efficient solutions. Our acquired expertise and highly innovative systems have helped us achieve a leading position in the Telecom Power Switching market. 

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