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What Are the Advantages of SMPS over Linear Power Supply?

Thinking of the future, the crucial thing that comes to our mind is energy efficiency. With an extensive jump in the global power demand to 45000 MW per day, a necessary push for power management becomes significant.

In recent times, SMPS has been a dominant contender, as a source of regulated power supply.

As we unlock the power potential, the energy demand graph will continue to amplify. Nonetheless, determining reliable opportunities for utilizing energy should certainly benefit in many ways. For power to be economical and efficient, it is imperative to consider the benefits of Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) over Linear.

Read on to learn more about the advantages of SMPS over Linear power supply, and what impact does it have?

Harnessing Regulated Power Supply through SMPS

A power supply unit converts alternating current (AC) into regulated direct current (DC) while transferring electricity from source to load.

But what is the need for conversion?

In the primitive sense, most electric devices require direct and constant current to function. Since power is vulnerable to fluctuations and surges, a power supply unit regulates the voltage to consistent power output. Moreover, a high-performance power supply unit safeguards the workplace against interruptions that can disrupt business operations.

SMPS not only regulates the power supply but also regulates the output to peak efficiency. The mechanism involves a switching regulator that doesn’t stay in constant saturation but switches only when required. The switch uses a higher frequency to produce stable power.

Some of the major considerations of an SMPS over a linear power supply include:

1. High Efficiency: Given the complexity of SMPS, it typically serves an efficiency as high as 60-95% way more than linear supply. In terms of voltage range, the switch-mode power supply can handle wide fluctuations and hence longevity.

2. Compact Design: SMPS incorporate a smaller size and reduced weight in comparison with conventional linear power supply. This makes it convenient for custom projects and flexible applications.

3. Low Thermal Stress: Due to the switching element of the switch-mode power supply, the dissipated heat is comparatively reduced. The amount of power wasted is thereby less.

4. Power Stability: The most common advantage of SMPS is that it is a convenient source for high and stable power requirements. It simply involves direct conversion of unfiltered AC to unregulated DC and finally to high-frequency direct current yielding stable power.

5. Versatile Usage: To deliver a selective power supply as per the input requirements, SMPS proves to be the best fit. The switching element automates the delivery of different voltages for different supplies.

Thereby, even after a complex structure, SMPS is most commonly used to generate a regulated DC output.

Although SMPS application has a few limitations like high interference and noise due to recurrent switching. Besides, SMPS seems like a relatively extravagant alternative to Linear regulated power supply. Yet, the switching element of SMPS offers maximum reliability and results in a better investment overall.

However, despite certain factors, the advantages of SMPS outweigh the system of linear regulated power supply.

Decoupling Power Solutions with VNT

The majority of electric appliances are primed to capture constant voltage, if not, are subject to instability and even damage. Power supplies thus have a huge potential with switch-mode power supply dominating the market. Unlike linear power supply, SMPS allows different supplies to choose from, such as Step-Up and Step-Down.

Vrinda Nano Technologies, with its highly efficient telecom solutions, provide a broad range of power systems including a Super High-Efficiency SMPS. Our switching regulator is designed to increase up to 97% efficacy to reduce as much power waste as possible.

In our experience, SMPS when integrated with unstable mains power helps in fulfilling optimal business operations. VNT’s power solutions hold a unique position in the market for their overall performance, reliable automation, cost-effectiveness, flexible applications, and more

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The most highlighted features that make our SMPS highly efficient include:

1. Varied Range: There are a number of design types of switch-mode power supply comprising both AC-AC and AC-DC converters.

2. Diverse Utilization: Direct current can also be stored as a backup through interconnected batteries. Therefore, to maximize its utility our SMPS is easily accessible for both indoor and outdoor applications.

3. Advanced Features: Our switching regulator design has a highly intelligent controller module that is best suited for handheld devices where efficiency is an absolute must.

4. Highly Manageable: Keeping in line with compactness, VNT’s switch-mode power supply is smaller and lighter that can even fit in small electrical cabinets. This, in turn, provides ease of logistics management and manageable properties.

Regulating the transfer of electrical power from an AC outlet to a DC device involves precision that results in a secure business in the long run. Our solutions limit the disturbances to the power distribution system and thereby ensure safety, risk reduction, maximize productivity, and reduce delay costs.
To secure valuable assets and operations of your business against unregulated power inefficiencies, contact us.

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