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Dual Gun Fast DC Charger –60kW-240kW

Introducing the revolutionary VNT Single/Dual Gun Rapid DC Charger – a versatile all-inclusive charging solution offering high-energy alternatives ranging from 60kW to 240kW. Engineered for outdoor utilization, this resilient and robust charger ensures swift and efficient deployment of charging networks, ideally suited for freeway rest stops, fuel stations, public parking facilities, transit stations, and corporate parking zones. Unleash the potential of the VNT Dual Gun Rapid DC Charger and delight in its potent capabilities and user-friendly design. Its sleek structure, ability to deliver high-energy charging, and compatibility with diverse electric vehicle charging standards make it the ultimate choice for expanding your charging infrastructure. Waste no time and install this remarkable charger today, providing dependable and efficient charging services for electric vehicles across various locations.


  • Compact and Contemporary Design The charger's sleek and modern design enhances the aesthetics of any location.
  • Continuous Fast Charging Experience efficient charging with high-power output, whether utilizing a single or dual gun configuration.
  • The all-weather enclosure is IP55-rated, providing reliable protection against dust and water ingress for outdoor use.
  • Easy Installation and Use, charger is designed for hassle-free installation and user-friendly operation, ensuring convenience for all users.
  • Equipped with dual outlets, the charger supports various combinations such as CCS2 + CCS2, CCS2 + CHAdeMO, or Gb/T + Gb/T, providing versatility and compatibility with multiple electric vehicle charging standards.
  • Daylight Readable 15.6" Super Touchscreen large Display offers clear visibility and intuitive interaction, even in bright daylight conditions also provide advertisement provision in our charger display for revenue generation and business promotion.
  • Compatible with Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP 1.6 and upgradable to higher) Seamlessly integrate the charger into your charging management system using OCPP, allowing for efficient network management.
  • Enjoy the convenience of scanning QR codes or using RFID cards for easy authentication and payment during charging sessions and remote access to charging session on mobile phone makes it easy for EV owner to follow the session. The mobile view shows the SOC, charging power and the estimated time to complete charge session.
  • The charger adheres to international standards, including ISO 15118 and DIN 70121 for CCS-2, as well as JEVS G105 for CHAdeMO and GB/T 20234,27930,18487 for GB/T, ensuring compliance with EV charging requirements

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Different Grades of EV Solution

Dual Gun Fast DC Charger – 120/150/180kW

VNT Dual Gun DC fast Charger is an all in one best charger.
It can deploy charging network rapidly and effectively providing
high-power quick charging service for electric vehicles.


Single Gun Fast DC Charger – 60/120kW

VNT single Gun DC Charger is one of our best charger. It
can deploy charging network rapidly and effectively providing
high-power quick charging service for electric vehicles.